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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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SEO means in simple and understanble language of making the website attractive and animated in manner to show the result of a website or a web page in SEO . SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO increase both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in social media. There are many aspects to SEO, from the words on your page to the way other sites to you on the web. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines understand easily.

How does SEO work?

Search engine are not humans but the inbuilt software that crawls the world wide web page content and unlike humans these engines are text driven. The elements that are known to build up a quality score are mentioned below:

STEP 1 :Website names and URLs

STEP 2 :Page content

STEP 3 : Meta tags

STEP 4: Characteristics of Link

STEP 5:Usability and accessibility

STEP 6 :Page design

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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A powerful tool of communication and interference, social media allows Customers to reach their companies where they are, while also categorize their brands ,work and expanding their customer base. If done correctly, social media marketing know in Jalandhar can also increase the productivity of other marketing techniques – including  “SEO and SEM” – by helping build natural links, and drive traffic, awareness, brand recognition and goodwill in market . If you are struggling with social media strategy, management, or advertising we can help with Yours opinion what you want with us.

The expert team from Appna Trend offer you the best strategy optimum for your business when it comes to the Social Media Optimization. We have a dedicated team at our back-end who execute online content and marketing optimisation tools for target you want to achive from audience in order to help you the customer or fan base that you wish to pursue. We promise to deliver to you a digital marketing campaign so exquisite; you will feel the change in your digital marketing technology.

We use our years of experience bring a complete package of SMO tools and solutions that your business requirement . We work in order to help your business to achieve  the best results by fully outcome oriented services of our expert  provided from our end. Get an extra mile ahead in your social memo with only Appna Trend

Email Marketing

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Email marketing is direct marketing of a people who are  engaged in commerce or a commercial , business message to a wide group  of people using mail. In a board sense, each and every  email sent  by a user to a  current customer will be considered as email marketing. It usually includes using email to send as ads. Email marketing is know ranked as Number 1. marketing and  the most effective marketing platform,which is know  competing other medium like: social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

Content Marketing Service

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Content simply means the blogs (online journal) , info-graphics (visual representation) , videos , e-mails ,  E-Books , social media updater ,  and the content on your website. Yupes , the content is here and there on website (everything in website or everywhere) .That’s why it’s so critical to have a content marketing policy in new techniques that adjust your documents with your core values and each of crucial crowd demand ,  wish ,  and uniquely prefer the way of engrossing the content.

Affiliate Marketing Service

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Affiliate marketing is means that of earning a some amount of profits by promoting other people (or local as well as global companies) products or their services .In this the admin or user have a choice of finding a product that he or she like to promote it to others people or recommended , and earn a small amount of the profit for each sale that you make or sale. Affiliate marketing is a cost active and it is a linking traditional market mode(performance) with new technology for business prosperity.

Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Marketing is the latest web  technology  that helps public to attract more customers whether old customers or new customers that spend more money, more frequently without any question !!! We can help you to  launch a successful mobile marketing campaign to connect with socialist people , communicate and keep your customers coming through the door again and again with full satisfaction.

Logo Designing

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Logo designing is  a first that what are requirement to create a logo ??? Why we need logo??Is logo help to now that to whom business belong  to??How to design a logo ?? Which software is best Abode Photoshop or Coral or Adobe Illustrator ???
What is Logo Design

Logo design requires a clear idea about the concept and values of the brand as well as understanding of the consumer or target group. Broad steps in the logo design process might be formulating the concept, doing an initial design, finalizing the logo concept, deciding the theme colors and format involved. The logo should be able to communicate about the brand for which it is being used. A good logo design is the one that conveys a succinct message about the brand throughout time.

Our Logo Design Process

We make logo designs with all creativity and artistic brilliance. The Appna Trend  is well equipped with a team of expert designers who understand the Clients’ profile and business needs to give the logo the desired impact needed for brand identity and recognition. We use right color combination making it unique and visually appealing and thus helping in taking their business to new heights. We also make Customised collaterals in  design (Business card, Letterhead, Envelope and Wall paper, etc) to strengthen the Brand Image.

It also goes without saying that we extend the fullest support to our clients and also provide the absolute trademark for the Logos.

We can help you create yours logo from us in few  minutes, It will we ready .”HURRY UP “


Public Relations

Public Realtions

1) Insights-Driven Per Strategy: Our in-house research and development department lays all the basic foundations for insight based per services and prepare communication campaigns for the success.

2) Public Relations: The basis of public relations is sound management and brand management. To maintain, nurture and develop a healthy public profile across today’s complex communications channels

3) Media Relations: The Public Relations department strives to help deliver results in digital and traditional media.

4) Social and Digital Media: Timely and effective use of social channels requires strategy and constant care is the backbone for maintaining public relations. To accomplish this goal, we serve as an online community managers, digital strategists, content developers, customer engagement counselors and data analysts for renowned leading brands.

5) Content Development and Distribution: To top it all,  paid and owned media is a part of our communications strategy. Branded content, blogs, thought leadership articles, white papers and opinion pieces are all part of APPNA TREND services. The above mentioned matter more than ever, but none matter without a sound distribution strategy.

6) Measuring Success: Your per investments success will be merchandised to internal as well as external audiences. Our operations are centered on data based insights and performance analysis which also includes ongoing adjusting and fine tuning to achieve optimum results.

Web Developer

web Develper-Appna Trend

Now let us get a look into detail with what we do for you!!! We are specialize in customizing of website designing, website development and it’s maintenance, multimedia preparations and website redesigning, E-commerce websites, PHP web development, software and portal developments and it never end. The team working on the above mentioned tasks is well experienced and have the skills to help our costumers.

Having an extensive team of highly proficient website developers and website designers and programmers; we can custom to create websites giving us an edge over other companies since we have a vast experience in dealing with clients with different goals, visions, and ideas for their respective business websites. To compete in today’s time, speed and efficiency is a must and our dedicated and friendly workforce is always ready to help you whenever required.

To grab anyone’s attention it is only a matter of 15 seconds, therefore we create designs that are dynamic in nature and will keep the customer focused on your website.

We serve to major brands and our clienteles are from various industries whom we have successfully delivered our services to. Some Of the features offered:

1) Responsive Design

2) Web Marketing

3) User Friendly

4) SEO Friendly

5) Support

6) Social Media Interface

Local Business Marketing

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Local marketing means that it is an one of the important aspect of a successful and a global as well as exhaustive Internet Marketing Strategy .For that business which are at multiply locations or the hookup seeking more local customers, a traditional approach to SEO would not be enough at all ; in fact, the marketing to a target of local public required it’s own unique set of strategies as their target. When it goes in right path, local online market as well as servers allows businesses to become better in their branding’s, possibility attract with their community of public, a rise in the size of customer allegiance and certain to remain safe higher chase quantity.

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