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At the very basic level, logos are symbols made up of text and images that help us identify brands we like. But they can be so much more! A good logo is the cornerstone of your brand. It helps customers understand what you do, who you are and what you value. That’s a lot of responsibility on a tiny image! Let’s look at how to make the most of your logo.

What does a logo do?

Logos do something aside from look pretty, right? Yes! Logos serve many functions.Your logo is a unique identifier which makes your company different from your competitors. A good logo design describes your services and your company in a unique, meaningful and memorable manner.

You want your targeted customers to associate your brand / products / services with your logotype.

A well designed unique and relevant logo design will be timeless, it will stay with you during your company’s life cycle that’s why Appna Trend puts a high attention to create the prefect solutions for you.

A logo makes you stand out from the competition

Perhaps the most fundamental function of a logo is giving your business a unique mark that differentiates you from other businesses. This is especially important if your business has competition (which 99.9% of them do). Before you get a logo for your business you’ll want to research what your competitors’ look like so you can position yourself. Check out how the Cactus Dental logo separates themselves from the sea of cliche tooth  taking a feature unique to their geography and turning it into a toothbrush.

Of course, you don’t want to be so unusual that potential customers don’t understand your brand.

A logo identifies key information about your business

A logo identifies key information about your business

Appna Trend

Along with demarcating your business, a good logo also provides your customer with some crucial information about your company: it can communicate the industry you exist in, the service you provide, your target demographic and your brand values.

For example, a company might use circuit imagery into their logo to show that they operate in the software industry. Or they might use a specific color to communicate they are committed to being green/environmental. Or they might use a stylish font to highlight that they are luxurious. Check out how Wild Hearts uses an image of a book with a heart in it to show that their business specializes in romance novels

Beautiful, Unique and Versatile Logo Design
A great logo helps you to stand out from the masses visually. Having a professional logo is a powerful tool helping you distant yourself from your competition and providing easy recognition. Our logo design and branding solutions are perfect for startup or existing businesses.

Image is Everything – Our Designs Are…
Simple: A simple logo designs are often easier recognized and more effective.

Versatile: An effective logo should work across a variety in mediums, work in colour or black and white or even reverse, printed in large or small or even used as a social media avatar.Timeless: Where your brand identity is concerned longevity is the key.Memorable: Distinctive design what will set you apart from your competitors.

Brochure and Catalogue Design

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Creative layouts + crisp images + custom illustrations = our brochure and catalogue design service

Lasting Impressions with Creative Brochure and Catalogue Designs
Brochures and catalogues are the perfect way to communicate your products and services and leave a lasting impression on your clients.
From initial design concepts to the finished product we offer full range of catalogue and brochure design services to help you to enhance your brand in an effective manner.

Brochures provide insight into your company and give customers something tangible to see and feel.

We have experience in designing all sorts of print advertising and branding materials from small magazine ads, flyers, catalogues, brochures to corporate collateral (logos, business cards, letterheads).

Improve your Visibility and Expand Your Success
Keep Your Audience in Mind: to create a successful brochure or catalogue design you need to communicate with your audience in an effective way to grab their attention just in a few seconds. The design concept and the visual solution should reflect your brand and target your audience.
Creative Styles / Effective colours / Personality: as part of our creative planning process we provide you with different ideas how to make a lasting impression and create brochure and catalogue designs which are truly attention grabbing and help to boost your sales
Best size and shape: We can advise you on creative solutions, on the size and the shape of your brochure to show your brand’s products or services in the best possible light>Creative Imaginary / Custom Illustrations – In case you need custom icons, creative drawings to add value to your brochure and catalogue design
Custom Photographs – without high quality images your brochure or catalogue won’t reach its full potential. If you require assistance with photography, just let us know.

Flyer Designing

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flyer is a form of paper advertisement intended for wide distribution and typically posted or distributed in a public place, handed out to individuals or sent through the mail. In the 2010s, flyers range from inexpensively photocopied leaflets to expensive, glossy, full-color circulars.


Designing your flyers

Now that you have your strategy and concept for the flyer, you can go ahead with the actual design.

1. Find other flyers you like as inspiration

To get an idea for what’s possible, look at other flyers that are out there. Start collecting flyers when you get them and see what you like and don’t like. Browse existing designs online to see what styles appeal to you. To jump start your inspiration check out

2. Use your design concept as a brief for a freelancer or design contest

Whoop whoop! You now have everything you need for a clear and effective brief. To move ahead with the design process, you can either choose your favorite freelancer to design your flyer for you or start a flyer design contest and get a range of different flyer design ideas from designers around the world.

3. Evaluate the design proposals against your criteria

As the designs start coming in, make sure you’re checking them against your brief and what exactly you’re looking for. Is the branding clear? Does it contain all the pertinent information? Is the hierarchy of the messages correct? Sticking to these objective criteria will help you sort through the designs without getting carried away by some artistic creation that doesn’t actually do what you need it to do.

4. Choose your final design

An effective flyer design attracts the right audience, communicates a clear message and benefit and inspires the audience to take a specific action. You can use a survey as part of your design contest to collect real feedback from people in your target audience. Choose the design that fits your criteria and works best for your audience.

Packaging Designing

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Packaging design is the connection of form, structure, materials, color, imagery, typography, and regulatory information with ancillary design elements to make a product suitable for marketing. Its primary objective is to create a vehicle that serves to contain, protect, transport, dispense, store, identify, and distinguish a product in the marketplace. Ultimately, the goal of a packaging design is to meet marketing objectives by distinctively communicating a consumer product’s personality or function and generating a sale.

There are tens of thousands of different products lining the shelves of the average supermarket. Department stores, mass merchandisers, specialty stores, outlets, and the Internet are all retail marketing sites where products are brought to life and attract consumers through their packaging design. The vastness of consumer choice brings about product competition that, in turn, fosters the need for market distinction and differentiation. In a consumer society, products and the design of their packaging become so intertwined that they are no longer perceived as either separate objects—or, ultimately, objects of necessity. Successful packaging design, in fact, creates desire.

Planning, execution, pricing, placement, promotion, advertising, merchandising, distribution, and sales are all part of the mix of activities involved in moving goods from producer to consumer.

Magazine Designing

Appna Trend

Magazine Designing and Printing Company in Jalandhar  Punjab

Appna Trend helps you to develop a unique Publication-Magazine that reflects your organization and delivers your messages with maximum impact.

Types of Magazines That We Design :

Large Format Magazine
Monthly magazine
Quarterly Magazine
Lifestyle magazine
Coffee Promotional Magazine
Teen Magazine
Movie and Music magazine
Stock Magazine
Real Estate Magazine
Entertainment magazine
Regional Magazine
Educational magazine

2D And 3D Logo Designing

Appna Trend

2D And 3D Logo Designing and Printing Company in Jalandhar  Punjab

2D or 3D Logo Design: Which Is Best for Your Brand

A logo design is typically thought of as a two-dimensional (2D) brand icon, but since the Internet became commonplace in the late 1990s, brands began thinking beyond two-dimensions. Suddenly, they weren’t bound by the constraints of print advertising anymore, and new opportunities appeared where businesses could use three-dimensional logo design beyond expensive television advertising.


  1. 1 to 2 logo colors are best
  2. Fonts should be easy to read at any size.
  3. Design your logo for digital use then print.
  4. Consider background variations with your colors.
  5. Make sure your logo can scale.
  6. 1 to 2 dimensional logo designs work best.
  7. Go easy on effects.
  8. Logo symbols have longer life than images.
  9. Negative space should match your brand promise.
  10. Vector files scale to any size.


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